A+ Everywhere.
School Oriented TV.

A+ Kids TV  is school oriented TV providing children aged 4-8 quality, fun and comprehensive programs that covers VOD, SVOD, WEB and APP services.


A+ is school oriented TV for kids aged 4-8 focused on learning & language skills, English & literacy, math & arithmetic, back and preparing to school support, problem solving and facts of life.


Broadcasting Strands and VOD Sections


English and Literacy – Programs supporting a life-long love for reading.


Math and Arithmetics - Comprehensive content for developing a positive attitude for studying arithmetics, math and logical thinking.


Back to School – Programs which emotionally support kids with school preparation and easy and stress free back to school transition.


Problem Solving Strategies – Programs which offer positive modeling for problem solving and successful learning, known as an important factor for self-esteem and confidence.


Facts of Life – Content about nature, sciences, arts and how things work which stimulate children’s IQ development, mind and imagination.

English TV/VOD

A+ English TV is introducing English language skills, with a primary focus on communication, vocabulary and grammar. A+ English TV is designed to cater young viewers with different language backgrounds through their native language support.


The goal of A+ English products is to develop proficiency in both English and the native language.

Mobile App

Tablet computers and other mobile devices are fast becoming the device of choice for media consumption for kids. They have more access to all kinds of digital media and are spending more time with mobile devices than ever before.


A+ mobile application is designed to extend the A+ school oriented TV service through personalized, interactive and engaging experience. A+ application includes a full second screen functionality which is fun, engaging and helps kids with their school tasks and challenges.


The A+ application enables kids to broaden their knowledge about English and literacy, math and arithmetics, back to school issues, problem solving strategies and facts of life through innovative games and screening experiences.


The A+ web experience includes VOD, SVOD, social features, media streaming and second screen functionality.


A+ on-line users can access their content anywhere and expect the same rich features and intuitive navigation they are use to on A+ mobile application.