A+ Kids TV provides children aged of 4-8 quality, fun and comprehensive programs on learning skills development and preparing to school through multi-platform support and help them to "Grow Smart".

A+ Kids TV enables kids to "Grow Smart"

Children around the world should "Grow Smart" as they are daily faced

with challenges such as developing their learning abilities,

acquiring cognitive, emotional and social skills.



They will "Grow Smart" by being constantly encouraged and guided to successfully cope with life's challenges.



They will "Grow Smart" by developing their curiosity which is nature's origin source

for education.



They will "Grow Smart" by acquiring learning abilities and developing their social skills, which they will use

for the rest of their lives.



They will "Grow Smart" by developing their language, thinking, physical an emotional skills.


They will Grow Smart through A+ innovative content services.









Imparting learning skills for children is a universal task. However, majority of children channels air uncensored content while other channels suggest "safe" content with limited educational programs.


None of the existing children channels is focused on offering differentiated, quality and fun learning skills and preparing to school curriculum content, accessible through multi-platform services and technologies.


A+ kids TV

A+ is an innovative TV that provides children aged 4-8 quality and fun programs encouraging them to successfully cope with challenges posed by life at this age.

Our Challenges

Our main challenges are to help young people to develop a life-long love for reading, positive attitude to math and problem solving and to give them emotional support for school preparation and provide them a friendly introduction to facts of life.

A+ Goal

A+ goal is to help kids believe in their abilities and talents so they are able to successfully prove themselves over and over again before and during their first years at school.

Multi-platform Access

A+ is adjusted to the international market and is accessible through Linear, VOD/SVOD, Web and Mobile Application.

A+ Broadcasting Strands


English and Literacy

Fun and quality content on literacy, letters and words, establishing a life-long love  for reading.

Math and Arithmetic’s

Providing comprehensive content for developing a positive attitude for studying arithmetics, math and logical thinking.

Back to School

A+ offers emotional support for school preparation and provides tools for an easy

and stress free back to school transition by developing useful learning skills.

Problem Solving Strategies

Providing positive modeling for problem solving and successful learning, known as an important factor for school readiness, self-esteem and confidence.

Facts of Life

A+ offers content regarding nature, sciences,

arts and how things work which stimulate

children’s IQ development,

mind and imagination.

Target Audience

Children aged 4-8 years.



 A+ is the only school oriented
TV for kids aged 4-8.



A+ helps kids with their school oriented challenges and tasks through quality

and fun TV content and a unique

web & mobile applications.



A+ is focused on learning skills, English & literacy, math & arithmetics, back and preparing to school support and problem solving TV content.



A+ is available  on multi-platform technologies.

With A+ Kids TV Children “Grow Smart”


Why A+?