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A+ Kids is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) unique digital platform, OTT, linear TV and VOD for kids aged 4-8 focusing on learning English, math, science and facts of life in fun and comprehensive way.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) personalized and adaptable safe to use educational platform for kids aged 4-8 focusing on learning English, math, science and facts of life, integrating videos and complementary interactive games using algorithm driven curriculum and big data analysis which drives & rewards kids progress.


Watch hundreds of episodes from the world’s best educational shows

A+ World

Personalized gamified world based on unique technology for learning English, math, science and facts of life


Play fun & educational games for learning English, math & geometry

Music & Clips

Enjoy songs, clips & music from the world's best educational shows


Choose an avatar for each of your kids who will be their champion while using the app


Download episodes, songs and clips for offline viewing

Parents Zone

We provide parents with their kids educational analytics and full control of their profiles & curriculum


A+ Kids main goal is to help young people to develop a life-long love for reading, positive attitude
to math and problem solving and provide them with friendly introduction to science and facts of life.


We believe that this goal can be achieved by a personalized curriculum based technology that empowers kids
to successfully face with challenges such as developing their learning abilities and acquiring cognitive, emotional and social skills which they will use for the rest of their life and help them to GROW SMART.


Establishing English skills at young age predicts a successful knowledge of English at a later stage in life. A+ Kids introduce English language skills, with a primary focus on literacy, phonics, letters, vowels, vocabulary and words.


Children’s exposure to math skills empowers them to successfully cope with their future academic challenges. With A+ KIds children will be exposed to numbers, shapes, counting, adding, subtracting, sizing, measuring and greater and less concepts.

Facts of Life

Science and facts of life are everywhere.
With A+ Kids children will gain basic knowledge about science, how things work, biology, basic concepts of physics, human body, universe, nature, animals, arts, technology and gadgets.


You can find here answers to frequently asked questions regarding A+ Kids.

Subscription Issues

How To?

  • Can I get a free A+ Kids trial?



    When you subscribe to A+ Kids you will get free 7 days trail.


    If you will decide that you do not want to have a subscription, you can cancel it any time before the end of the trial period and you won't be charged. If you do so, be sure to do it at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period, and you won't be charged at all.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can.

    Please go to your iTunes or Google Play account and un-subscribe.


  • Can I use my subscription on other devices?



    While on-boarding you will be asked to sign up with an email and password. These credentials will enable you to use A+ Kids on multiple devices based on our terms and condition policy. All you will need to do when trying to use a new device is to log in.

    If you skip on-boarding, don’t worry, you will be able to sign up in Parents Zone as well and then use your credential to log in to other devices.

  • Do I need to renew my subscription?



    A+ Kids automatically renews via iTunes or Google Play. You should receive an automatic confirmation from iTunes/Google every month.

  • On which devices can I use A+ Kids?

    You can use A+ Kids on tablets and mobile phones that runs iOS 9 or later or Android version 4.4 and later.

  • Can I use A+ Kids offline?

    A+ Kids works best with an internet connection. However, kids can enjoy part of game zone and watch downloads in downloads zone while offline.


    To download an episode, please go to downloads zone and download the episodes you wish to watch offline. You will have the permission to watch these episodes for the period specified after the download process is completed.

  • How do I update my personal details?

    Your personal detail, including you email and password, can be updated in parents zone within A+ Kids. To do so, please enter parents zone and tap on ‘My Account’. There you will be able to change your personal details.

  • How do I add my kid’s profiles?

    While on boarding, you will be asked to add your kid’s information and create their personal profiles. These profiles will let our algorithm to personalize their experience.


    If you skipped this step while on boarding, you will be able to add your kid’s profiles in parents zone as well.

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